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Justin Rosenthal-Kambic, Animator
Justin Rosenthal-Kambic, Animator
Justin Rosenthal-Kambic, Animator

3 Studios

18+ Years Experience

46 Titles Shipped

Hey, this is what I do.

I am a seasoned Animator in the video games industry with 18+ years experience and 46 shipped titles across a variety of platforms. I'm passionate about Character Animation and everything game development involves, from story to design. I strive to create high-quality animations, which I can be proud of and feel that heartening sense of ownership over. I take great pride in my work and enjoy seeing others genuinely excited by what I create because it's important to me to feel like what I contribute to the project matters. I'm always ready for an opportunity to challenge and refine my abilities as a 3D Character Animator and I look forward to continue working with talented developers in creative environments in this ever-shifting industry.

All animations hand-keyed by Justin Rosenthal-Kambic

Music: "Espionage" by Green Day off their album, "Shenanigans"

[Intro: Tales From The Borderlands]

The Wolf Among Us

  • Bigby rides Grendel

  • Bigby claws Grendel

  • Bigby vs Grendel



  • Run cycle

Minecraft: Story Mode

  • Jesse collides with Skeleton

  • Jesse swings to ledge

  • Ivor catches Jesse

  • Jesse propelled from explosion

  • Jesse gets comfy

  • Jesse forward attack

  • Jesse upward attack

  • Strobe attack test

  • Strobe fight test

LEGO Rock Band DS

  • Ready to rock

  • Guitar solo 1

  • Guitar solo 2

  • Guitar solo 3


(unreleased, BBE)

  • Drum


Personal Project, JxRK

  • Underfoot!


The Walking Dead, Season 2

  • Clementine sweeps the leg

  • Clementine reaction mid arm sew


Zombie Apocalypse 2: Never Die Alone

  • Damned bear hug kill sequence

[Outro: Tales From The Borderlands]



Work Experience

[ ^ Slightly Outdated ]
Other Ocean Interactive, Emeryville
Senior Animator

01/2018 - Present

Currently making things move as a Senior Animator for a variety of projects.
MediEvil - Playstation 4, Other Ocean Interactive 2019
  • Responsible for reinterpreting and animating the full move set for the leading character, Sir Daniel Fortesque as well as developing and animating key cinematic scenes. Additionally, rigged and animated memorable NPC characters such as Jack of the Green and the Gargoyles.
  • Key Artist responsible for developing and directing the overall posing of Sir Daniel Fortesque for the box/cover art and for the official collectable statue.
Telltale Games

02/2013 - 01/2018

Hired as an Animator, I was responsible for helping to create a wide range of animations across multiple high-profile IPs such as The Walking Dead, Batman, and Minecraft to name a few. During my almost 5 years at Telltale, across 34 episodes, I was responsible for creating animations from scratch and at other times from piecing together existing actions to create the desired effect for specific scenes. Additionally, I was responsible for setting up layouts for outsourcing and providing clean up as needed to match the emotional tone of the scene.
  • The Walking Dead: 400 Days, July 2013 – [Telltale Games and Skybound]

  • The Wolf Among Us: Season 1 – [Telltale Games and Vertigo]

    • Ep.1 Faith, Oct.2013

    • Ep.2 Smoke & Mirrors, Feb.2014

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 – [Telltale Games and Skybound]

    • Ep.1 All That Remains, Dec.2013

    • Ep.2 A House Divided, Mar.2014

    • Ep.3 In Harm’s Way, May 2014

    • Ep.4 Amid The Ruins, July2014

    • Ep.5 No Going Back, Aug.2014

  • Tales From the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series – [Telltale Games and Gearbox]

    • Ep.1 Zer0 Sum, Nov.2014

    • Ep.2 Atlus Mugged, Mar.2015

    • Ep.3 Catch A Ride, June2015

    • Ep.5 The Vault of the Traveler, Oct.2015

  • Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – [Telltale Games and HBO]

    • Ep.1 Iron From Ice, Dec.2014

    • Ep.2 The Lost Lords, Feb.2015

  • Minecraft Story Mode: A Telltale Games Series – [Telltale Games and Mojang]

    • Ep.1 The Order of the Stone, Oct.2015

    • Ep.2 Assembly Required, Oct.2015

    • Ep.3 The Last Place You Look, Nov.2015

    • Ep.4 A Block and a Hard Place, Dec.2015

    • Ep.5 Order Up!, Mar.2016

    • Ep.6 A Portal to Mystery, June2016

    • Ep.7 Access Denied, July2016

    • Ep.8 A Journey’s End? Sept.2016

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne – [Telltale Games and Skybound]

    • Ep.1 In Too Deep, Feb.2016

    • Ep.2 Give No Shelter, Mar.2016

  • Batman: The Telltale Series – [Telltale Games and Warner Bros.]

    • Ep.1 Realm of Shadows Aug.2016

  • The Walking Dead: Season 3 – [Telltale Games and Skybound]

    • Ep1. Ties That Bind: Part One, Dec.2016

    • Ep2. Ties That Bind: Part Two, Dec.2016

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – [Telltale Games and Marvel]

    • Ep.1 Tangled Up in Blue, Apr.2017

    • Ep.2 Under Pressure, June2017

  • Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2: A Telltale Games Series – [Telltale Games and Mojang]

    • Ep.1 Hero in Residence, July 2017

    • Ep.2 Giant Consequences, Aug.2017

    • Ep.3 Jailhouse Block, Sept.2017

    • Ep.4 Below the Bedrock, Nov.2017

    • Ep.5 Above and Beyond, Dec.2017

Backbone Entertainment, a Foundation 9 Entertainment Company
02/2004 - 10/2012
I was hired as an Artist/Animator and quickly learned to wear many different hats as our art teams were more often than not, small in size. Over the course of the 8+ years I worked at Backbone, I helped ship 11 titles, touching on everything from modeling, texturing, basic rigging and what I'm most passionate about, animating.

Animator – Dance Central 3 – Xbox 360 Kinect, Harmonix/MTV Games 2012

[ Game Critics Award: Best of E3 2012 ​– Best Social / Casual / Puzzle Game ]

​[ Game Critics Award: Best of E3 2012 ​– ​Best Motion Simulation Game ]

  • Crash-course training with MotionBuilder and Harmonix proprietary software to get up to speed with production schedule

  • Worked with motion-capture dance choreography maintaining the original timing across multiple takes while making key frame adjustments/improvements as needed in order to blend seamlessly throughout the song. Used Harmonix proprietary software for facial animations on various songs.

  • Worked with an outsourcing company providing feedback and guidelines including the set up of animation files to be worked on, making adjustments as needed to implement back into game.

  • Responsible for the layout of 22 songs in Dance Central 3.

Animator – Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone – PSN/XBLA, Konami 2011

  • Came onto the project after pre-production and took on the task of a massive re-organization of all animation assets to be used in game in order to help get the animation production schedule back on track.

  • Worked with an outsourcing company providing animation reference, feedback and guidelines including setting up and documenting animations involving multiple actions across handfuls of files.

  • Responsible for the majority of the four playable characters move sets.

Animator – “Road Rash Remixed HD” – (unreleased, 2010)

  • Came onto the project after pre-production. Worked with producer/tech artist to solidify and unify the character animation pipeline.

  • Worked with an outsourcing company providing animation reference, feedback and guidelines including setting up and documenting animations involving multiple actions across handfuls of files.

Animator – Rock Band 3 – DS, MTV Games/EA 2010

  • Responsible for finding a solution to maintain original current gen production motion-capture animations through a transfer process over to DS specific super low-res models/rigs. Manipulated motion-capture animations to loop as needed. Additionally created/set up/animated all vignettes staying true to the overall themes/presentations determined by current gen versions.

Animator – LEGO Rock Band – DS, Warner Brothers/MTV Games 2009

  • Responsible for all in-game animations ranging from LEGO characters, background animals, unique challenge sequences, and vehicle building.

Artist/Animator – Rock Band: Unplugged – PSP, MTV Games/EA 2009

  • Worked with Project Lead towards a solution to maintain original current gen production motion-capture animations through a transfer process over to PSP built models/rigs. Manipulated motion-capture animations to loop as needed. Responsible for lip-sync animation for all songs. Assisted in setting up DLC band/song info.

Animator – Death, Jr.: Root of Evil – Wii, Eidos 2008

  • Responsible for adjusting/polishing playable character move set in accordance to up-res project specs.

Artist/Animator – “Psynapse” – (unreleased, 2008)

  • Worked with Lead Artist to translate 2D-styled character illustrations to 3D assets. Fully modeled/textured/rigged/animated characters for mini-games.

Artist/Animator – 1942: Joint Strike – PSN/XBLA, Capcom 2008

  • Modeled/textured/rigged/animated basic enemy plane in addition to setting up a background dogfight scene.

Artist/Animator – Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 – PSN/XBLA, Capcom 2008

  • Responsible for animating full move sets for three playable characters. Fully modeled/textured/rigged/animated the main enemy types. Animated the final boss. Assisted in modeling/texturing of destructible props. Was flexible with changes/cuts in production after the fact.

Animator – Brooktown High: Senior Year – PSP, Konami 2007

  • Responsible for animating unique PC/NPC actions for various aspects of the game in addition to various background character and mini-game animations.

Artist/Animator – Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil – PSP, Konami 2006

  • Responsible for developing/animating a full move set for a playable character and multiple enemies. Additionally, I fully modeled/textured/rigged/animated a small handful of enemies.

Animator – Death, Jr. – PSP, Konami 2005

  • Cut my teeth developing an original IP in an engine built from scratch for completely new hardware.

  • Worked with the Art Director to develop character/enemy animations. Responsible for animating multiple enemies move sets, handfuls of playable character moves and all final boss animations. Additionally, I worked with the Art Director and Concept Artist to plan out cut scenes and was responsible for the majority of cut scene animation.

  • Responsible for animating a short promotional piece that aired on MTV2.

Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS), Digital Visual Media
Ex’Pression College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, CA


JxRK Animation
JxRK Animation
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